About the Author

CAROL HENN grew up in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, at a time when many of the area's immigrants from Central Europe, including her maternal grandparents, were alive to share stories of their lives in Europe as well as their lives in their new country.

Retired after eighteen years as the CEO of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, Carol has worked in both business and non-profit settings. Under the auspices of the Foundation for a Civil Society and the U.S. Information Agency, she has served as a consultant in Central Europe, meeting with non-profit officials and government leaders in former Soviet bloc nations to strengthen philanthropic organizations, community initiatives, and public-private partnerships in a post-Soviet world. She is a graduate of Moravian College with an Honors degree in political science. Her Honors thesis was entitled "U.S. NATO Policies 1964-1967: The Johnson Treatment."

An artist as well as a writer, Carol's drawings, paintings, and photography have been exhibited regionally as well as in New York City and have won several awards. One of her drawings is part of the permanent collection of the Theatre Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Internationally certified as an open water scuba diver, Carol also enjoys travel, gardening, art, and antiques, and is active in South Bethlehem's St. John's Windish Lutheran Church. She has served on the boards of more than twenty local, regional, and national organizations and has been recognized with several awards, including the Athena Award for professional achievement.

Carol's writing has appeared in regional and national publications, and she has done speech writing for numerous CEOs, elected officials, and candidates of both major parties. Oilcloth Stories is her first book, and she has four other books as well as a screenplay in various stages of development.